3 Distraction-Free Writing Tools Under $50

Distractions are the number one productivity killer for writers. Many writers blame “writer’s block,” but that’s really just a symptom of distractions. After all, writer’s block is easily defeated by, well, writing.

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Unfolding a Map is a Lost Art

Unfolding a map is a lost art
Where are we?
Point the finger
(I think)
Crossed the border
Along the river
Through this range of hills
Passed that sorry excuse for a town
(what kind of town doesn’t have a [insert favorite fast food chain here])

Folding a map is a pseudo-science
Made obsolete
“turn right in one-quarter mile”
“stay left at fork”
“continue for three miles”
Paper in jigsaw folds and creases
Is going the way of the great auk
“your destination is on the right”

The Serious Problem With LOL

You’ve had your laughs. Now it’s just lazy. LOL–laughing out loud–has lost its meaning through overuse, misuse, and abuse. LOL came into use in the 80’s in chatrooms and forums as a quick way of saying, “What you just said was so funny, I was laughing out loud.” (Thanks for the shortcut, Wayne Pearson!) This was just one step shy of ROFL–rolling on the floor laughing, the ultimate response to humor. (Sadly, the latter has been mostly replaced by its potty-mouthed offspring, LMFAO.)

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