Unfolding a Map is a Lost Art

Unfolding a map is a lost artWhere are we?Point the fingerThere(I think)Crossed the borderThereAlong the riverThereThrough this range of hillsTherePassed that sorry excuse for a town(what kind of town doesn’t have a [insert favorite fast food chain here])There Folding a map is a pseudo-scienceMade obsolete“turn right in one-quarter mile”“stay left at fork”“continue for three miles”Paper […]

The Serious Problem With LOL

You’ve had your laughs. Now it’s just lazy. LOL–laughing out loud–has lost its meaning through overuse, misuse, and abuse. LOL came into use in the 80’s in chatrooms and forums as a quick way of saying, “What you just said was so funny, I was laughing out loud.” (Thanks for the shortcut, Wayne Pearson!) This […]

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